There was once a king who was gifted with a precious emerald by a distant king from a far away land. The king thanked him for this precious gift and because he already had so many valuables he passed it on to one of his ministers.
The minister thanked the king for it and admired its beauty, as he looked in to the emerald he could envision far more riches, land, wealth and glory. The minister sold the emerald and in turn bought some land with it. He worked the land and made more and more money. Soon he was buying weapons with his wealth and started using his power in acquiruing land through force without caring for the peoples right he was abusing.

The king summoned him to question him abiut his dealings but he took this as a threat and was soon at battle with the king.  The minister killed the king and took over his wisdom and ruled with authority and wickedness.

The people were soon spared of this king in that soon he met his death and the former kings son took over and handed back the land and wealth to the people. Justice was restored.

The Two kings were summoned in front of the king of Kings to give an account of their deeds. The old king was forgiven and honored due to the generosity he had shown. The minister was punished for the arrogance and abuse  he had shown with his wealth.

Similarly we have been given many gifts by our creator, health, wealth, time, body parts, etc some of us will use them in accordance to Gods wishes and thus gain his pleasure, some of us will abuse the trust and gain his displeasure.

A person could  use his tongue to unite people winning paradise others will use it to cause rift earning punishment.