Muslim ummah is oppressed here and there,

But there is no one to care.

Little babies are slaughtered in cruelty and hate;

And we have embraced this as our fate.

When passes through us the flood of their blood,

We even don’t even care for ummah of Muhammad {Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam}.

Fathers and uncles are imprisoned,

But still the situation seems so sound.

They are raping our sisters and so they scream,

But it does not break our wordy dream.

Today, we are so numb to feel the pain;

Does polluted blood pass through our vain?

Muslim ummah is calling us:

“Fear Allah and come towards.”

Can’t we hear?

Or don’t we fear (ALLAAH)?

Lions of ummah, come forward and don’t hide,

They can’t defeat us, while Allaah is on our side.

Remember, what Allaah hath promised us;

No one can defeat us, when we are righteous.

So, it’s time for us to answer the call of Allaah;

If we really want to get Jannah.

{ from the facebook page
:  Light of Islam}