بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ
In The Name Of ALLAH,The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful------
What Should Muslims Do in these Distressing Times(Valuable advice of Hazrat Shaykh Abrarul Haq of Hardoi,India)

When asked of what a Muslim should do in the prevailing current crisis, he very wisely advised that every Muslim should adopt 5 points or principles and Insh’-Allah through its Barakah (blessings) the Help of Allah Ta’ala will assuredly come.

1. Seek knowledge of sins in order to refrain from sinning
2. Taubah & Istighfaar
3. Dua
4. Read abundant “Hasbunallahu wa-ni’mal wakeel “
5. Remain Steadfast upon Imaan

1. Seek knowledge of sins and refrain from sinning:

One should at this juncture read books or enquire from the learned Ulama about the various sins and make a concerted effort to abstain from such. Among the many sins, some are more prevalent. Two common sins prevalent in societies around the world are Riba (Interest) and Zina (Fornication). So widespread are the vices of Riba and Zina in the world and so commonly encouraged by the Media and the capitalistic societies that the Muslim Ummah have unwittingly fallen into the trap of almost condoning and accepting them. Our Beloved Prophet (r) warned strongly against Riba (interest) and its devastating influence on the less fortunate. The words of Allah Ta’ala in the Glorious Qur’an warn Muslims not to even come anywhere near Riba and Zina.Punishment for these vices has been re-iterated many times over. The system of Riba is an economic system that enslaves the Muslim Ummah; and it is due to such vices that the Ummah faces crisis in the world. As Muslims we should repent for such indulgences and take stock of our business dealings now; and remove ANY RIBA that contaminates it.

The mass media and advertisements in magazines and television vigorously use seductive pictures to lure the consumer and the public towards promiscuity. Soapies and other programmes on television are another mechanism to promote Zina (adultery). Adultery is now becoming more common than ever before among Muslims. It is certainly going to be the cause of Allah Ta’ala’s wrath. A good starting point would be to safeguard the gaze by protecting oneself from viewing that which will lead to Zina, i.e. keep away from seductive magazines, television and glancing with seductive intentions towards non-mahrams. Lowering the gaze is an excellent starting point for this. Insha-Allah, increasing our awareness of sins and refraining from such acts will bring the special HELP AND MERCY from Allah Ta’ala that the Ummah so urgently needs in these perturbing and distressing times.

2. Tawbah & Istighfaar
Every Muslim should amidst this crisis, do introspection and seek earnest and sincere forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala for past sins. Since no person (other than the Ambiya’ and the Mursaleen) are free from sin, it is of vital importance that every person makes Tawbah and Istighfaar increasingly. It must be borne in mind that sin is highly detrimental to one’s physical, moral, spiritual and economic progress. Thus whenever a sin is committed, Tawbah and Istighfaar must be done immediately thereafter, especially after committing a major sin, like Zina (adultery), drinking, gambling,indulging in interest, backbiting, telling lies or omitting Salaah,Saum, Zakaat or Hajj etc. Remember, Allah Ta’ala pardons almost every sin, provided that Tawbah and Istighfaar are made with utmost sincerity and regret. The best method of making Istighfaar (seeking repentance) is to perform wudhu; thereafter perform two rakaats Salaat-ut-Tawbah. On completing the Salaat, praise Allah Ta’ala: the Creator and Sustainer; confer Salaah (Durood) on Sayyidina Rasulullah (sallahu alayhi wasallam) and make Istighfaar and Tawbah with utmost sincerity, humbleness and regret. At the same time, shed as many tears as possible. Make a firm resolution and promise to Allah Ta’ala not to commit the sins ever again, Insha-Allah. Through the blessings (Barakah) of sincere repentance of every Muslim throughout the world, Allah Ta’ala’s Mercy will alleviate the Muslim Ummah’s plight in the current situation, Insha-Allah


All Muslims throughout the world should engage in earnest and sincere Dua to attract the Help and Mercy of our Creator, especially at this time.
Rasulullah (sallahu alayhi wasallam) said: ”Anyone among you whose doors of Dua have opened, in reality the doors of blessings have opened for him.” The best of all Duas according to Allah Ta’ala is the asking of safety (against all calamities in both the worlds). Rasulullah (r) is also reported to have said that no amount of tact and prudence can help avert Qadhaa and Qadar (decree by Allah Ta’ala). But making Dua to Allah Ta’ala helps avert any calamity that has already come and that is yet to come. At times a calamity is imminent but a person’s Dua intercepts it. The result is that the two become locked in battle and remain so till the Day of Judgment. Never under-estimate the POWER of Dua. No force, power, military strength, government or ruler is more powerful than Allah Ta’ala; especially when Allah Ta’ala through His Beloved Rasul (sallahu-alayhi wasallam) has given the WEAPON of Dua, and assured the avoidance of calamities through it. Rasulullah (sallahu alayhi wasallam) has also said:
“The weapon of a believer is Dua.”  Now is the time for pleading to Allah Ta’ala for His Divine Assistance through Dua. Make Dua for all our Marhooms as well as for the current situation the Muslim Ummah is facing. Make individual Duas as well as collective Duas. Some Supplications that could be included in daily Duas are listed hereunder as a guideline:

· Make Dua that Allah Ta’ala UNITES the Muslim Ummah, all Muslim countries and rulers
· Ask of Him steadfastness against adversity an protection from evils.
· Make Dua that the muslims gain success.
· Ask for Steadfastness in Imaan, as Imaan is being tested
· Ask for protection from the trials and tribulations that are to befall the Muslim Ummah
· Make Dua that Muslims are able to UNDERSTAND the Truth, recognise the Truth and PRACTISE upon the Truth
· Ask for safety and protection from the mischief and Fitnah of Dajjaal
· Make Dua that Allah Ta’ala alleviates the sufferings of the Muslims who are being oppressed throughout the world

4. Read Abundantly “Hasbunallahu wa-ni’mal wakeel”.
Our trust as Muslims is in Allah Ta’ala and definitely He alone is our Guardian. Try to recite the following words abundantly: ”Hasbunallahu wa-ni’mal wakeel “, “Allah is sufficient for us and He is our Guardian.” It would be commendable to recite this tasbeeh after EVERY FARD SALAAT at least 100 times if possible or at least one tasbeeh (of 100 times) once a day at a convenient time. Encourage the children, family, relatives and friends to do likewise. Insha-Allah, this will re-affirm Tawwakul (trust) in Allah Ta’ala and bring about the much needed help from Allah Ta’ala

5. Remain Steadfast on Imaan

With the mass media propaganda, hate crimes, violence against Muslims, prejudices and hate-filled statements have increased greatly. Increased pressure has come upon Muslims. Some have abandoned the Sunnah beard. Hijab has been removed and the Sunnah libaas (dressing) of a Muslim have all been targeted. Unfortunate, indeed, is that the practising Muslim has been equated with a “terrorist” and a “fundamentalist”. Some may have abandoned basic practices under this strain of victimisation. It is at this point that Muslims should hold more steadfast to the Sunnah of the beloved Rasulullah (sallahu alayhi wasallam) more than ever; and NOT to compromise it even under the pretext of victimisation. This is surely a test of our Imaan and we should endeavour to remain steadfast to the basic tenets of Islam under all circumstances.

The five principles outlined by Hazrat Shaykh Abrarul Haq form the basis of his advice for the Muslim Ummah’s success in these trying times.

Insh-Allah if practised, the HELP AND RAHMAH (Mercy) of Allah Ta’ala is assured.